RaNee Jones | Utah Spine Specialists

The BEST hands down!

I’ve been working with Dr. Weston & Dr. Stephens for the past two years. Their staff is thorough as well as friendly and genuinely caring. I began with pain management for my neck and lower back (Both sections had discs compressing). I was dealing with nerve pain in my arms as well as both legs to the point I could hardly function. We decided to start with non surgical options; the shots were very effective and gave me quite a long time before we had to move to surgery. Having both doctors in the same office consulting back and forth on my case is such a great thing, I didn’t have to start over!

I had a neck fusion (C4-7) in March 2020 and my back fusion in May (C3-5) 2020. The quality of post op care is every bit as thorough as pre-op. Both surgeries were incredibly effective. Nerve pain is completely gone! They have given me my life back and I can’t be more grateful.