R Stinson | Utah Spine Specialists

The Staff, Assistants, Techs, Nurses and Doctors are some of the best, kindest and caring anywhere I have been. It’s true that they are very busy, work long, hard hours and have to deal with some pretty rude people. These rude patients want to be treated like kings and queens and react very, very poorly when they don’t get treated as such. I see and hear some of these would-be royals when I’m at Mountain Pain and Spine. Their mothers would be embarrassed if they knew how rude their patient-children act. Every employee at Mountain is a dedicated health care individual who deserves our respect and kindness. THANK YOU to all of you. You have helped me in so many ways and offered different solutions to help me with my spine issues. And when I exhausted their impressive repertoire of services, they referred me to another outstanding health care professional.
I would like to make very honorable mention of a relatively new employee because he Rocks! His name is Brandon (I hope I remembered it correctly) and he does a fantastic job! ((And he speaks Czech!!))
Thank you again to all of you!