Gary Barney | Utah Spine Specialists

I am a long time cyclist. Last fall I started the LOTOJA 206 mile one day race. I had trained well and was ready. Unfortunately my right leg was going numb at about 60 miles. I was able get to the stop at 80 miles but had to quit.

Knowing I that had an issue at my SI joint I started looking for a new option. I had been told by my good orthopedic surgeon about 6 years ago that the SI joint was a strong connection and surgery was not recommend or needed.

I found the iFuse site and started reading reviews and even found a comment on the NIH site. I found other similar options but after careful consideration, I chose to look at the unique iFuse system. I located Dr Stevens in Bountiful, near my home. Made an appointment and proceeded through physical therapy and an injection as part of the evaluation and screening.

Long story short, I had the surgery mid December 2019. This was done outpatient and I had my wife drive me home 3 hours later. Pain level had dropped from before the surgery but was cautious and followed their guidelines.

I met yesterday with the surgeon and ready pain of 1 out of 10. He then released me. I feel so much better and thrilled to have that pain in my back gone. I have suffered with this for many years.

I am able to ride again an am planning to spend many hours riding with greater comfort.

This procedure is well thought out and delivered simply. Recovery was much better than expected.

Gary from Utah